Matt Rideout is an excellent digital strategist, and his work directly led to an increase in both lead volume and lead quality for our business. He took great care to understand our business and its goals, and he led the development of a website specifically designed to maximize conversions.

Once the site was put into production, Matt carefully observed user behavior and dived into analytics in order to continually enhance website performance.

Matt’s approach is firmly based on strong analytical reasoning. He doesn’t get distracted by design fads or flashy graphics. He looks to maximize every opportunity by aligning the website and paid search campaigns to drive business goals. Identify an opportunity, make a change to capture it, test the performance, then analyze the results. And repeat. And repeat again.

It’s a difficult process, but Matt has the discipline and experience to do this kind of iterative testing rapidly and efficiently. And he’s able to thoroughly explain what he’s doing so you’re able to follow the process and see the results.

Matt contributed tremendous value to our site and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve maximum results from their website and paid search campaigns.

Patrick Woodford



Lee Auto was looking for fresh ideas to increase the effectiveness of their Lee Credit Express website. I helped them design and build a new website that better educated customers on the benefits of financing through Lee Credit Express, and the resulting access to Maine’s largest used car inventory. I overhauled their advertising campaign to cut wasteful spending and allocate their budget to where it would have the highest return on investment.